The server is Online. Rates: 5x Shiny Rate | 5x Spawn Rate | 5x Exp Rate | 5x PokeDollar Rate Beta event!

Beta: Welcome!

Hello Beta Testers!
Poké Egg is now live for testing. Please join our Discord and report bugs or give us suggestions. Because this is very early testing you can only get eggs, hatch, and level pokemon. Evolutions are in the works. Remember to use +cmds or +help to get a list of commands. Being that this is such early testing that means this will be frequent database updates which may or may not require a complete wipe. I will try not to wipe but if I do then there will always be a giveaway and / or an event right after.


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What is Poké Egg?

Poké Egg is a bot that brings a new way to play pokemon. Start with an egg and breed / capture your way to victory! This bot is still in the very early stages so there might be wipes of pokemon from time to time but when we do wipe there will always be an event and giveaway right after so, maybe, it will sting just a little bit less. Make sure to join us on the Discord so you can take advantage of those giveaways!

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