The server is Online. Rates: 5x Shiny Rate | 5x Spawn Rate | 5x Exp Rate | 5x PokeDollar Rate Beta event!

How to play?

1. Add the bot to your server.
Go ahead and join the Discord Development server.
Note: This is still a very early version and your pokemon may get wiped.

2. Get into discord and use the command +start to start the bot!
Your account information is saved accross all servers.
Note: Use +help for a list of available commands.
Note 2: This is still in beta it can break often, check the status at the top of the site to see if it is online.
Note 3: As a beta tester make sure you report all bugs you find in the Discord or Forum.

3. Enjoy Poke Egg Beta
Participate in the community!

Join the Discord